Need for Speed has conquered the hearts of thousands of players through time thanks to their unique mix of action and crazy racing in the streets of big cities. After a first mixed episode, this episode promises a real homecoming .

Many challenges will be offered to you as varied as each other. This aspect is important because it helps to gain respect within the Valley and to participate in the ultimate race that will bring down the Clan.

Tuning is at the heart of the game and thousands of customization possibilities are available to the player. You can challenge other drivers on any terrain.

A condensed driving action with a big dose of adrenaline !

The Car Game By Excellence PS4: DriveClub

ps4 car games

DriveClub is an exclusive ps4 game that competes directly with Forza from Xbox. However, this title does not include all the features proposed by Forza, but it still remains a great arcade title. In addition, it unveils a more exciting game, with a Ridge Racer side .

Too bad it turns out to be too limited in terms of car choice compared to Forza. But to compensate for this criterion it offers one of the best weather effects for a racing game. In short, a hit among the ps4 racing games.

Finally a real F1 racing game! F1 2018 is the most  complete formula one, and it has a career mode rich in technical details . The driving sensations are also a great pleasure. As much for amateurs as passionate, the title requires two essential qualities: mastery but also good knowledge of the discipline. In the end, pity that the technical achievement is not at the rendezvous .

Project Cars 2

Here is one of the great automotive simulation on ps4. A career mode with a huge content, the finesse of driving and graphics are downright enjoyable. A game with incredible driving sensations, with a sublime soundtrack . The game reveals all this potential with a  pedal , in short a complete ps4 car game.

Turbo Trackmania

Here is a game considered as one of the best ps4 arcade games. It offers an incredible arcade racing experience . Despite the fact that this title is not necessarily the best driving simulator, it has sublime graphics and eye-catching colors that make Trackmania Turbo one of the best ps4 car games.

ps4 car games

This rally game offers a truly immersive racing experience. In addition, the ps4 car game unveils a huge variety of cars with beautifully crafted vehicles. Despite a lack of certain content, other aspects such as exciting driving and demanding or the many possibilities of tuning cars, erase the few defects of the game.

The award-winning race simulator series accelerates on PlayStation 4 for the first time, propelling you on the road of thrills to vibrate your pulse. Buckle up for two championships online, represent your country in the Nations Cup, and drive on behalf of your favorite automaker in the Builder’s Cup.

Can you claim a historic victory in the first video game officially recognized as part of the real world of the automobile?

DriveClub VR: Virtual reality invites itself in ps4 car games

ps4 car games

Here’s one of the first VR titles for ps4, giving the gamer an immersive, incredible experience . DriveClub VR includes more than 80 well-modeled racing cars with gameplay. Too bad there are not many people online . Despite some notable flaws, it really feels like a drive of a real sports car. Here is the essential!

Assetto Corsa: The Outsider of the PS4 Car Game

Assetto Corsa is a high-end simulator racing game with breathtaking visuals and a truly authentic racing feel . In addition to great freedom, you can also greatly customize your cars. So if you want a realistic ps4 car game, Assetto Corsa is a hit of its kind .