The pool table is similar to that of caromhalf-game. It has the same dimensions, 2.80 m long and 1.40 m wide. The bands and the tape responses are identical. What differentiates it are the pockets that surround it, four pockets at the ends and two pockets in the middle. For the American billiards, two tails are necessary, one of breakage and one of game. That of breakage will be slightly heavier in order to exert a great energy on the scattering of the balls during the breakage. That of game will, according to the tastes of the players, more or less light but with an equal diameter, that is to say a process of 13mm to 14mm. The American billiard is played with 15 balls that are numbered from 1 to 15 and a white ball. The balls are composed of two groups: the balls which go from 1 to 8 are the solid balls and those which go from 9 to 15 are the striped balls. American billiards is made up of three modes of play: the 14/1 continuous , the game of the 8 and the game of the 9 .

The game of the 8

The rules of the game of 8 are simple. There are two groups of marbles, the stripes and the full ones. Each player has his own balls and the number 8 ball is to be put last.

Triangle: Arrangement of the balls

The constitution of the triangle of 8 for the case is very simple. It is enough to position the 8 in the middle of the triangle and to distribute the other balls of the two groups in a rather scattered way so that there are not whole lines constituted by the balls of the same group or that the three ends do not are not constituted by the balls of the same group (figure).

American billiard table

To begin a game of 8, you must position the triangle on the fly of the starting point by putting the first ball on this fly. The break zone is delimited by two flies or a line (figure). We can position the white where we want in this area. If during the break, the player enters two balls of different groups, he can choose the group he wants to keep.

The game of 9

The principle of the game of the 9 is very simple. Just always touch the smallest number on the table. The game is won once we have pocketed the 9. We chose to finish the game by starting from 1 to 9 by playing the balls successively 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or in combination, by touching the smallest number to pocket the new one.

Game of the 9

It is necessary to position the balls in rhombus inside the triangle with the 1 on the point of breakage and the 9 in the middle. It does not matter the disposition of the other balls. The white is always positioned in the breaking zone (figure above).

The more we break in the game of nine, the more chance to return the 9 to the case. What is a factor of win since if the 9 returns to the breakage, it is gained part.

The continuous 14-1

The game of the 14-1 continues is different from the game of the 8 and the game of the 9. The starting zone is the same as the zone of the breakage but the goal of the game is to pocket the balls in the designated pockets and each ball is worth one point. When 14 balls have been pocketed, just keep the fifteenth ball on its location and the white (we do not move the white). With the help of the fifteenth ball, we will attempt to burst the triangle that has been reformed to continue the series. Since all the balls are announced, we can not break the triangle when breaking as we would play the game of 8 or the game of the 9. The case is therefore quite defensive. It does not matter the arrangement of the balls inside the triangle as the purpose of the game is to pocket any ball in the designated pockets.