Every night during the last week, I waited for my wife and son to go to bed, then I put on a PlayStation VR headset and launched Resident Evil 7 . In general, after about 90 minutes, I have to remove the helmet – it’s too much. Inevitably, my heart starts beating at 100 per hour, my muscles tighten, and my breath cuts off. Resident Evil 7 is not just a way to reinvent a franchise that needed it; it’s one of the best horror games I’ve ever played, a sort of interactive Texas Chainsaw Massacre that’s also the best reason to buy a VR helmet today.

At home, there is only one poster , and I have since 1996. I found it in a box deep in the attic of my parents a few months ago. During my life, I loved a lot of games, but very few of them changed my life. Resident Evil is one of them. The corridors of Spencer Manor are engraved forever in my mind, and I still have shivers when I think of the zombie dog jumping through one of the windows at the beginning of the game.

I’ve been waiting for those sensations for years, and Resident Evil 7 is close to doing that . In terms of mythology and show, each game in the series tends to be a little more naze than the previous one, and this for years. But in this case, even if Resident Evil 7 takes place in theory in the wake of Resident Evil 6 , a horribly boring game where players had to face a giant insect on the roof of a building , it is actually a reboot . The game is a few winks to his predecessors, but it is not built on moldy intrigues whose franchise has suffered terribly in recent years.

If you were wondering if Capcom would succeed in scare us again, rest assured. Going from the third to the first person, Resident Evil 7 renews the latent and permanent tension that made all the charm of the original game by isolating the player and placing him in front of his own solitude. Resident Evil was a game of ” survival horror ” because we were always hanging by a thread, never having enough ammunition to feel really safe. The series has lost that atmosphere over time, sacrificing horror for action, but now things have changed. Each ball is precious, and you will often run away instead of fighting.Putainputainputainputain as you venture into a new corridor, without knowing what awaits you. In general, it will be a pretty unpleasant thing.