Pokemon Mega Light Platinum Cheats | Sim Driving

Pokemon Mega Light Platinum Cheats | Sim Driving
Pokemon Mega Light Platinum Cheats | Sim Driving

Pokemon Light Platinum is probably one of the most famous and popular ROM hacks around. Like most ROM hacks, it will have a different version. The version we will be looking at is Pokemon Mega Light Platinum. That’s why we’ll be giving you some nice Pokemon Mega Light Platinum cheats that you can use.

Before that, the game is a hack of Pokemon Ruby and this version pretty much updates the original Pokemon Light Platinum. One thing it has would be Mega Evolutions for some of the Pokemon.

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Always remember that when you use these cheats, make sure that you use them as Game Shark (Action Replay) or Code Breaker. They won’t work if they are placed incorrectly.

Pokemon mega light platinum cheats

Also, when using VBA, take a look if the cheats are E as enabled or turned on so that they will work and not D as disabled which is turned off. We’ll also add any other instruction and information when using the cheats.

Pokemon Mega Light Platinum Cheat Codes


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A lot of these Pokemon Mega Light Platinum cheats will only work on this game. It may or may not work for Light Platinum so that’s just something that you need to keep in mind. You can even try some Pokemon Ruby cheats if they work since it was the game the ROM hack was based on. If the cheat doesn’t work, then it only means that the hacked parts altered the cheats in a way that they won’t work.

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Always remember to not use a lot of cheats all the time. That’s because the game may crash or glitch out. Don’t overlap some of the cheats as well because they may not work. Make sure that they are also turned on so that you won’t be wondering if the cheats are working or not. Finally, remove some cheats if you no longer need to use them.

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