finished Location of all Monetary Items in PRO.

finished    					  				 				 					 						Location of all Monetary Items in PRO.
finished Location of all Monetary Items in PRO.

We have listed ALL of the locations of monetary items in PRO. We’ve calculated the money gain and taken screenshots and written down the location of all these items:

Pearl, Big Pearl, Nugget, Stardust, Star Piece, Big Nugget, Big Mushroom, Small Mushroom. As an extra, I am also listing Rare Candy, since they seem to be of everyone’s interest and they’re insta sellable on the PROMarket.

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I’ve gone through the entire PRO Wiki and made an entire list of the places where the monetary items are. However, there’s still a lot of items missing, missing info, and screenshots, and the previous guides for monetary items and hidden items are outdated and the pictures do not even work anymore. I’ve listed the places I’ve already been to and taken a screenshot of, but there’s still a LOT to find out.

I’d ask you all if you want to collaborate to come and help out to find the missing spots and the remaining screenshots for all the info we’ve gathered. I’m going to copy paste the list here and link the zip file with all my work for now. We are also missing the time frame in which these items respawn, as we are not 100% sure the Wiki info is correct since it’s mostly outdated (some of these spots even changed). The guide is 99% done and can thus be considered complete, but it will be edited if any new findings appear or if anyone takes better screenshots of some areas.

For now, pictures will be uploaded as attachments in the bottom of this post, and will be fixed and uploaded properly in the post itself. There are way too many pictures to be posted, so it would completely break the post order. We’re constantly going to use the Hidden and Monetary Item Location Guide throughout this process: !

Approximate Money Gain if you pick em all up.

Big Nugget : 30k (x2 in total) = 60k

Nugget: 15k (x10 in total) = 150k

Pearl: 3k (x15 in total)= 45k

Big Pearl: 9k (x6 in total) = 54k

Stardust: 4.5k (x5 in total) = 22.5k

Star piece: 9k (x4 in total) = 36k

Tiny shroom: 1.5k (x1 in total) = 1.5k

Total FIXED possible gain from grabbing everything: 369k

Kanto Items

Viridian City Rare Candy: Bottom side after the bridge. – 7 days.

Viridian Forest Rare Candy; Behind the tree next to the maze. – 14 days.

Mt Moon B1F Star Piece: South from the team rocket guy down the first ladder. – 14 days.

Route 3 Stardust: In the first dig spots at the beggining of the route, it’s in the northwestern rock. – doesn’t respawn.

Route 12 Rare Candy: South from the Camper Justin pokeball, 2 tiles down from it. – 14 days.

Route 16 Rare Candy (Bicycle needed): Pokeball. – 14 days.

Route 17 Rare Candy: East of Cue Ball Corey, between the rightmost pillars. – doesn’t respawn.

Seafoam B1F Pearl: Southeast from westmost B2F Ladder, tall stalagmite. Credits to Waleed1301 for the picture! – doesn’t respawn.

Seafoam B3F Pearl: East of the westmost tall stalagmite from the B2F ladder. – doesn’t respawn.

Seafoam B4F Nugget: Centermost stalagmite of the island reachable from the second eastmost B3F ladder. – doesn’t respawn. Note: the location is different for each player.

Route 27 Rare Candy: Left of the tree with an axe on it, near Johto Falls. – doesn’t respawn.

Kanto Extra Items

Cerulean Cave 1F Nugget: Pokeball. – respawns, 14 days

Cerulean Cave B1F Nugget: Rock smash some rocks and you will find it. Credit to Ashes55! Doesn’t respawn.

Ceru Cave 1F Rare Candy: Just when you enter, between the water and the rocks above the staircase in the entrance. – 7 days

Love Island Diamond Domain Cave Rare Candy: Pokeball. – Doesn’t respawn (for some reason)

Island One Treasure Beach Starpiece: Next to the old man, under umbrella. – Doesn’t respawn.

Island One Kindle Road: In the thin line to the left of the saunas, hidden Nugget at the bottom of the sand – Doesn’t respawn.

Island Five Stardust: Rock to the left of the bridge, on the beach. – Doesn’t respawn.

Island Five Meadow Pearl: In the beach, the leftmost shell. Doesn’t respawn.

Island Five Chrono Chross Nugget: Behind a tree. – Doesn’t respawn.

Water Path Pearl: In the middle of the route, in the sand castle, – Doesn’t respawn.

Island Six Big Nugget: It’s in the cave you have to go through while doing the Meowth Quest. Pokeball. – Doesn’t respawn.

Vulcan Island Shore Rare Candy: Enter the Vulcan Path, go to the bottom left, climb up the stairs, exit to the south. Next to the boss. – Can’t check if it respawns.

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Vulcan Forest Rare Candies: Next to the northern exit. – Same as above.

Johto Items

Violet City Rare Candy: Behind the gym sign. – doesn’t respawn

Route 35 Nugget: Surfing to the left, below the berry tree patch. – doesn’t respawn

Burned Tower Floor 2 Nugget: In the top left center rocks. – doesn’t respawn

Bell Towe Rare Candy: In the last floor before Ho-Oh, behind the pillar. – doesn’t respawn.

Mt Mortar B1F Rare Candy: North East Corner Pokeball. – doesn’t respawn.

Forest Pit Rare Candy: small rock west and north from Halley. – doesn’t respawn.

Route 39 Nugget: To the lampost next of Sentret. – doesn’t respawn.

Olivine City Rare Candy: In a rock in front of the Lighthouse. – doesn’t respawn

Olivine City Pearl: In the rightmost tile in the horizontal fence to the southeast of the gym. – doesn’t respawn

Johto Extra Items

Route 49 Rare Candy: In the Southmost Island. – doesn’t respawn.

Mt Silver 2F Rare Candy: In the central rock in the northern exit. – doesn’t respawn.

Ruins of Alph Rare Candy: In the interior south west corner. – doesn’t respawn.

Ruins of Alph Rare Candy: In the northwest one. – doesn’t respawn.

Hoenn Items

Oldale Town Rare Candy: Under the pokecenter. respawns every 7 days

Meteor Falls B1FR Stardust: Below tess. doesn’t respawn

New Mauville Rare Candy: South of the stairs. respawns every 7 days

Fortree City Tiny Mushroom: Below the bridge on the bottom right.- Doesn’t respawn

Shoal Cave High Tide Entrance Room Star Piece: To the left of the entrance, on a rock. Doesn’t respawn

Sootopolis City Rare Candy: Next to the Poke Mart. Requires Rock Smash. – Doesn’t respawn

Granite Cave B2F Rare Candy: Pokeball in the middle of the way – Respawns every 7 days.

Route 105 Pearl and Big Pearl: Check the shells in the islands. – Doesn’t respawn.

Route 106 Stardust: Near the Granite Cave eastern wall. – Respawns every 7 days.

Route 108 Pearls: Next to the first isolated rock in the center of the route from the west. Respawns every 7 days.

Route 108 Rare Candy. Behind the palm tree in the north-westmost island. Respawns every 7 days.

Route 109 Big Pearl: In the middle of water west of Peeko Sailor’s boat Respawns every 7 days.

Extra: Route 109 PP UP from the Route 108 exit. Respawns every 7 days.

Route 110 Rare Candy: At the north end of the cycling road, just before going up the platform. Respawns every 7 days

Route 116 Pearl: North of the tree maze part. Requires Cut. Doesn’t respawn.

Route 121 Nugget: Beyond the northmost fence in the eastern part of the route. Requires Cut. Doesn’t respawn.

Route 124 Pearl: In the south-eastmost divespot. doesn’t respawn.

Route 128 Pearl: In the south-east dead-end of the main area, accessible from Route 127 Underwater. Doesn’t respawn.

Route 127 Rare Candy: Top Left left of bird keeper Byron behind one of the trees. – doesn’t respawn.

Route 132 Rare Candy: On the westmost palm tree in the islands on the southwest part of the route. Doesn’t respawn.

Route 135 Pearl: On top of the mountain on the east side of the bridge connecting middle islands. Doesn’t respawn.

Hoenn Extra Items

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Nap Cave B1F Nugget: On a small crystal near the south-west corner of B1F. Doesn’t respawn.

Nap Cave B1F Rare Candy: On a small crystal in the center east of B1F. Doesn’t respawn.

Secret Nap Area Pearl: In the far east of the beach. Doesn’t respawn.

Nap Shore Pearl: In the shell from the exit to Route 49. Doesn’t respawn.

Valley Of Steel Eastern Peak Rare Candy: It’s behind a tree. Doesn’t respawn.

Valley Of Steel Western Peak Rare Candy: It’s behind a tree. Doesn’t respawn.

Sinnoh Items + Extra Items

Canalave City Big Pearl: Invisible under the big different tree, reach it by surfing south from the boat. Respawns every 7 days.

Mt Coronet South 2F Star Piece: In the east-most room accessible from the eastmost ladder of 3F. – Doesn’t respawn.

Mt Coronet 6F Rare Candy: On the north-eastmost rock. – Doesn’t respawn.

Pokemon Mansion Big Nugget: In the second western room from the entrance. – Doesn’t respawn.

Pokemon Mansion Rare Candy: After defeating Liam in the furthest western room from the entrance. – Doesn’t respwn.

Twinleaf Town Rare Candy: In the south-west of the town. Requires Surf. – Respawns every 7 days.

Victory Road 2F Rare Candy: On the rock one tile north of the northmost rock smash rock in the south-east path.. Requires Rock Smash.

Victory Road B1F Deep Big Pearl: After entering the maze part from the south, follow the path north, west, north, east, then go south one tile, on the rock to the east.

Victory Road B1F Pearl:. From the south-westmost ladder, on the westmost accessible small rock before going down the stairs.

Route 206 Rare Candy: In the north-west corner of the ground level, west of the Warward Cave – Respawns every 7 days.

Route 208 Star Piece: Directly north of the Mt Coronet entrance, which requires to do a detour. – Doesn’t respawn.

Route 210 Nugget: On the large rock in the north-west part of the route, reachable by following the horizontal north bridge to the west. – Doesn’t respawn.

Route 212 South Stardust: In the south-east corner of the swamp part, south of Ranger Taylor. – Respawns every 7 days.

Route 213 Big Pearl: On the south-eastmost small rock on the island in the south-east corner of the route. Requires Surf. – Respawns every 14 days.

Route 215 Rare Candy: In the center north of the route, near Black Belt Nathaniel. Requires Cut. – Doesn’t respawn.

Route 217 Ice Stone: Behind a tree. (Credits to Waleed1301)

Route 218 Rare Candy: In the north-east corner of the route. Requires Surf. Doesn’t respawn.

Route 220 Pearl: On the large rock two tiles right from SwimmerTrollrah, the southmost swimmer. – Respawns every 14 days.

Route 222 Pearl: On the westmost large rock on the beach. – Respawns every 14 days. Extra: Route 222 2 PP UP next to Tuber Conner Fence – Respawns every 7 days.

Route 224 Big Pearl: On the small rock next to Jingoss – Respawns every 14 days

Route 225 Rare Candy: In the north-west of the route, directly west from Miner Elikike123. – Doesn’t respawn.

Route 228 Nugget: In the north-east corner, next to the north end of the long bridge. – Doesn’t respawn.

Pictures and Locations of each Hidden Item (all regions and side areas)









Edited by Bhimoso

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