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staff guides    					  				 				 					 						TMs & Move Tutors
staff guides TMs & Move Tutors

If you know additional locations for any TMs or Move Tutors, please post them as replies. You can either post a picture (preferred) or you can list the map name (found in the upper right of the game) and the item name. Do not ask questions in this thread. Instead, use the General Support forum for questions.

Available at every Daycare Center after defeating Naero Boss in Cerulean Cave B1F.

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d5ePL.pngPre-Evolution Move tutor:

Available moves

065.pngAlakazam – Role Play

689.png Barbaracle – Shell Smash

182.png Bellossom – Moonblast, Growth

286.png Breloom – Spore

565.png Carracosta – Shell Smash

609.png Chandelure – Memento

036.png Clefable – Moonblast, Cosmic Power, Moonlight

091.png Cloyster – Ice Shard, Razor Shell, Iron Defense

604.png Eelektross – Acid Spray

196.png Espeon – Baton Pass, Double-Edge

103.png Exeggutor – Sleep Powder

136.png Flareon – Baton Pass, Double-Edge

419.png Floatzel – Hydro Pump

471.png Glaceon – Baton Pass, Double-Edge

368.png Gorebyss – Shell Smash

701.png Hawlucha – High Jump Kick

392.png Infernape – Nasty Plot, Slack Off

135.png Jolteon – Baton Pass, Double-Edge

707.png Klefki – Magnet Rise

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470.png Leafeon – Baton Pass, Double-Edge

542.png Leavanny – Sticky Web

108.png463.png Lickitung/Lickilicky – Amnesia

549.png Lilligant – Sleep Powder

448.png Lucario – Nasty Plot

405.png Luxray – Night Slash

428.png Lopunny – High Jump Kick

272.png Ludicolo – Hydro Pump

473.png Mamoswine – Ice Shard

620.png Mienshao – High Jump Kick

262.png Mightyena – Crunch

429.png Mismagius – Perish Song

518.png Musharna – Moonlight

038.png Ninetales – Hypnosis, Fire Spin

025.png Pikachu – Nasty Plot

186.png Politoed – Hydro Pump, Belly Drum

062.png Poliwrath – Hydro Pump, Wake-up Slap, Belly Drum

026.png Raichu – Nasty Plot

407.png Roserade – Toxic Spikes, Leech Seed, Aromatherapy

212.png Scizor – Vacuum Wave, Air Slash

560.png Scrafty – High Jump Kick

275.png Shiftry – Fake Out, Leaf Blade, Growth

199.png Slowking – Slack Off

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143.png Snorlax – Last Resort

700.png Sylveon – Baton Pass, Double-Edge

468.png Togekiss – Ancient Power, Wish, Fairy Wind

197.png Umbreon – Baton Pass, Double-Edge

367.png Huntail – Shell Smash

134.png Vaporeon – Baton Pass, Double-Edge

071.png Victreebel – Sleep Powder, Growth, Poison Jab

045.png Vileplume – Moonblast

547.pngWhimsicott – Stun Spore, Charm

202.pngWobbuffet – Encoure

479.pngRotom Evolutions Move Tutor

Available moves

479h.pngRotom-Heat: Overheat

479w.png Rotom-Wash: Hydro Pump

479f.png Rotom-Frost: Blizzard

479s.png Rotom-Fan: Air Slash

479m.png Rotom-Mow: Leaf Storm

GVx0a.pngLegendary Event Move Tutor

Available moves

244.png Entei: Flare Blitz, Howl, Extreme Speed

245.png Suicune: Air Slash, Extreme Speed

243.png Raikou: Aura Sphere, Weather Ball, Extreme Speed

251.png Celebi: Nasty Plot

489.png Phione: Tail Glow

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